Awards for student theses and dissertations.
Awards for student theses and dissertations.

The Entomological Society of Iran invites submission of theses and dissertations from students in Entomology and related disciplines defending their work between 21 March 2015 and 20 March 2017.  These will be judged in terms of presentation and scientific excellence by members of a Board of Referees appointed by the Society.

The Society will hold an awards ceremony at the Second International Congress of Entomology (2–4 September 2017) at which the three best theses and three best dissertations submitted, will be announced. Awards to master`s degree students will be dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Jalal Afshar and are supported intellectually and financially by academic members of the Iranian Research Institute Plant Protection. The awards will be known as the "Prof. Jalal Afshar" awards. Awards to Ph. D. students will, as in the past, be dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Morteza Esmaeili and are supported spiritually and financially by his respected family.  They will be known as the "Professor Dr. M. Esmaeili" awards.  Participants at the ceremony will include well known members of the Iranian scientific community highly regarded for their entomological expertise.

Those wishing to participate in the contest should send a PDF file of the thesis or dissertation to entomosociran@gmail.comtogether with a completed application form (download here) and any supporting material such as publications relating to the work described.  Applications must be received by 5 June 2017.  Members appointed by the Entomological Society of Iran to the Board of Referees will introduce the winning contestants at the awards ceremony.

Except where permission is declined, theses and dissertations submitted for consideration will be housed permanently in the ESI Library where they will be made available for use by academics and students. Those for which permission is declined will be returned to sender.