WORKSHOP: RNA-Seq analysis,Transcriptome Assembly, Annotation, and Differential Expression
RNA-Seq analysis,Transcriptome Assembly, Annotation, and Differential Expression

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) approaches give an outstanding possibility for transcriptomic research in principal organs and tissues in the presence of a reference genome as well as since reference genome is not available. Till now, this approach was used widely in insect science and enabled investigation in insects from tissue to the whole body. Insect transcriptomic analysis has now greatly improved our understanding of the molecular mechanism of diapauses, metamorphosis, vitellogenesis, embryogenesis, resistance to chemicals and etc. The amount and complexity of data generated by RNA-seq experiments require scalable, fast and mathematically principled analysis software. To achieve this goal, different software, and pipeline design and update regularly.  Thus, each software provides different features that should be considered for getting ideal results. topHat and cufflinks are free, open-source software tools which designed for gene discovery and comprehensive expression analysis of RNA-seq data. In this workshop, participants who desire to start analyzing RNA-Seq data will learn useful exercises for quality control, read alignment, and expression analysis.

The workshop:

  1. RNA extraction (overview)
  2. Read alignment with TopHat
  3. Transcript assembly with Cufflinks
  4. Differential analysis with Cuffdiff
  5. Visualization with CummeRbund
  6. Annotation with Blast2godsf

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