WORKSHOP: Knockdown of genes by RNA Interference in insects
WORKSHOP: Knockdown of genes by RNA Interference in insects

RNA interference (RNAi) is a mechanism to control gene expression at post-transcriptional level by reducing half-life of specific mRNA or interfering with translational efficiency. RNAi technology has been widely used in functional genomics by its specific knockdown regulation in the target gene expression. Furthermore, RNAi using double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) has been proposed to be alternative to develop novel insecticides.

In this workshop RNAi in insects and some of its purposes like down-regulation of target genes will be discussed. So you can find how this technique could be useful in pest control approaches. In this way we would make dsRNA as in vitro and learn some general delivery methods in insects.

We will hold up the workshop in two steps:

First, we will introduce you some key words related to this technique theoretically and explain you its cellular mechanism.  

Second, in the practical section we will extract RNA, synthesize cDNA and also dsRNA. After that we will try application one method for dsRNA delivery (injection) to insects.

In practical section you can experience all steps by yourself.

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